Crockpot Chicken and Dumpling

Tender chicken breasts cooked to perfection in a slow cooker in a rich creamy sauce.

*Ingredients :

°large onion, cut into cubes
°1 can of celery soup (10.5 ounces)
°1 can of Cream of Chicken Soup (10.5 ounces)
°1 tablespoon fresh parsley
°Half a teaspoon of poultry seasoning
° black pepper to taste
°4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
°½ cup low-sodium chicken broth
°2 cups frozen vegetables or peas and carrots, not frozen
° 1 box chilled biscuits (8 pieces) butter, country or

* Directions

Add onions to 6-quart saucepan and top with chicken breasts.
In a small bowl, combine cream of celery soup, cream of chicken soup, parsley, poultry seasoning, and pepper. Spread over chicken breasts. Cover with chicken stock and cook for 5 hours.
About 1 hour (allow 60-90 minutes) before serving (4 hours after cooking time), roll each cookie thinly and flat. Cut into 4 slices. Add the vegetables to the slow cooker and stir. Add biscuit slices on top. Replace the cap as soon as possible.
to serve
Lift chicken breasts and chop a little. Add it back to the slow cooker and stir (this will break up the dumplings somewhat which is good). Leave it for an additional 10 minutes and serve.

Enjoy !