Friends Raved About How Amazing Her Home Smelled. Here's Her Simple DIY Solution

If your home doesn't odor as incredible as you'd like, common solution is to go out & buy air fresheners like AirWick or Febreze. When these solutions are use-ful, they are not foolproof nor are they cost effecient. 

Instead, trying this super simply also simple DIY solution. You can making your own perfume spraying at home to get rid unpleasant odors in your home.

This DIY spraying can smell to Febreze, but it doesn't obtain any fabric softener. 

+To get stard, you just need a some ingredients.

°1/4 cup Unstable Downy, your favorite flavor
°4 teaspoons baking soda
°1 cup boiling water
°14 oz spray bottle

In begin, mix 1/4 C Downy Unstoppables with baking soda in bowl. & pour boiling water on mix . Gently stirring it together, & Permit it for 31 min . The granules must totally dissolve, & transfering mixture to a spraying bottle. Employ a funnel to making this process more efficient & easier.

Now you can apply this mixture to any surface and make your home smell great. easy right?

If you prefer a natural solution, try this room freshener with essential oils.