Mom's Famous Cream Puffs

Here's one of the major trends in recent years: the cream puff! Recently updated by several pastry shops including Popelini's boutique in Paris, the creamy aroma of this divine dish is available in 20 different versions! 

+For about thirty:

°1/4 liter water

°pinch of salt

°80 grams butter

°125g flour

°2 bags of vanilla sugar

°4 eggs

In a saucepan, put water, salt and butter cut into small pieces.

Bring it to a boil. When butter has melt, removing skillet to heat. Add flour and sugar all at once, stirring constantly.

Return the saucepan to the heat and dry the dough, stirring with a wooden spoon, until it comes out from the bottom.

We remove the pot from the heat and let it cool a little.

Add the eggs one at a time, taking care to wait until the previous eggs are well incorporated.

Preheat oven 180 degrees (6 heat).

Cover the baking tray with baking paper. Make small mounds of dough using a pastry bag or two teaspoons, spaced slightly apart.

Cook the cabbage for 25 minutes. Leave to dry in the oven, turned off and open.

When the puffs are too cold, pierce the bottom and decorate with a pastry bag with vanilla, rum or chocolate flavored pastry cream.

Dip the vanilla muffins in the caramel and sprinkle the chocolate with powdered sugar.

Enjoy !