Recipe from my mother.

*Ingredients for 4 people

°8 large potatoes
°1/2 bunch parsley
°2 onions
°3 tablespoons of flour
°3 whole eggs
°A pinch of salt and a few rolls of a pepper mill

Peel, wash and grate the potatoes using a food processor; Peel the onions and chop. Wash the parsley and chop it finely. Put everything in a large bowl.
2 Add eggs, salt, pepper and flour. Good mixing.
3 Heat some oil in a frying pan. Take a handful of lotion and squeeze it into your hands. Apply hot oil and grill gently on both sides. Remove the galette to a plate when it is cooked. Repeat the process until the preparations are finished.
to end
Place the potato pancakes on a large plate fitted with paper towels to soak up some of the frying fat.