Heat oven 350 degrees F.


°1 c sugar
°1 c flour
°2 tsp baking powder
°pinch salt
°3/4 c milk
°1 piece of melt butter
°Brown sugar
°1 can peaches, cut into cubes

* Directions :

Putting 1 tsp of melted butter to every regular size muffin tin.
Mixing first 5 ingredients by hand...sugar, flour, baking powder, salt & milk.
Putting 2 tsp of mix into each regular size muffin tin... on top of melt butter.
& putting 1 tsp of chop peaches on top of mixture.
Sprinkling with brown sugar, & cinnamon.
Baking regular size muffins about 12 min.
Letting it cool before removing it from pan.

Enjoy !